The biggest sale you will ever make is very similar to the biggest sale I ever made. It’s the one you make to yourself when you start believing 100% that you can make a difference because of what you sell and the outcomes you create.

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When you make the firm commitment and truly jump the shark, cross the threshold and shift your mindset to helping others, you will begin selling to yourself. If you’re able to sell to yourself, the door will open for you to begin confidently selling to others.

No one goes into sales thinking they will fail, yet this is what I see happen with far too many people. When I talk with these people, their excuses for failing are typically, “the price was too high,” or they tell me, “my leads were bad,” or “nobody wanted what I was selling.” I could go on and on about the excuses I’ve heard.  Rarely, do I hear a salesperson call themselves out and their lack of action as the reason for their failures. You control far more than you realize, and more importantly, you control your mind which is the most important part of you. What you think and how you think impacts both you and your customers.

Success is never guaranteed, however, it certainly is more probable with people who believe in themselves and how they can help others. The biggest sale you will ever make is to the customer you see every single day. You actually live with that customer, and you know them better than anyone. This customer is you, so it’s your job and only your job to close the sale.

Close the biggest sale you’ll ever make, and you’ll begin opening up more relationships than you ever dreamed possible. This gives new meaning to a phrase I use, “we don’t close customers, we open relationships.” When we open relationships, we will naturally create the next sale, the next sale, and the next sale.

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