Yes, there’s lot of similarity between sales and Thanksgiving Day. This week the United States takes a day off to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. The day originally reflected the early settlers to North America and their ability to conclude a year’s worth of farming and be able to stow away enough food to carry them through the winter. Today, the day provides everyone with the opportunity to be thankful for what they have and to share in that thankfulness with their family and friends.

For those of us in sales, which is everybody, the day is an excellent time for us to step back and reflect on the success of the past year. Regardless of where you stand in your annual numbers, you have multiple reasons to celebrate. For me, I’m thankful for another incredible year of working with thousands of salespeople, helping them achieve a level of success they didn’t think possible. Take time this week to be thankful for your sales success. There are unlimited opportunities ahead of you, and all it takes to seize them is an attitude of thankfulness and deep appreciation for all the goodness that has come your way.

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