CRM systemI would be a rich person if I was paid a dollar each time a salesperson told me they don’t enter most information into their CRM system because they have a good memory and can remember.

You must use your CRM system to its full potential or you are robbing yourself and your company of more success.

Salespeople say they can remember info for one simple reason — they’re lazy and don’t want to go through the work of recording the information.

Yes, we all would like to think we have a good memory and how as a professional we are smart enough to know what to remember.

I’m sorry but it’s a giant excuse for trying to get out of work we know we should all be doing.

There is no way even the best salesperson is going to be able to remember everything unless the salesperson isn’t working.  Recording information is essential. It’s as essential as taking a shower or eating.

When we try and merely remember everything, we run the risk of losing pieces of crucial information.  Sure, we’ll be able to remember the big stuff, but many times the ability to close a sale rests on our ability to take a small key piece of information and leverage it.

Recording information in your CRM system must be part of your regular routine.

Don’t try and just remember the important stuff.  I have a hard enough time just remembering people’s names and titles.  With that being the case, there is no way I’m going to remember all of the details of a meeting.

Make a commitment to yourself to quit trying to merely remember.  Make a commitment to use the tools you have, and that includes your CRM system.

When you make the commitment to use it, also designate a time to do it.  This means either at the end of each sales call or at the end of each day.

Make this a healthy habit and you will see the effort pay off in your number of sales and overall success.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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