Is your social media effort really making a difference?

Recently, I discussed with Jack Kosakowski of the Creation Agency the problem too many people are making when it comes to social media. Social media without social connection is social stupidity!

In my new book, High-Profit Prospecting, I talk about social media and how it can lead too many people down a path of being an underperformer.   Social media by itself is not prospecting. I see it as being much closer to advertising.

Key with social media is to turn it into social connection and ultimately one-to-one discussion.

Merely posting content and thinking that is all that’s needed to get the phone to ring or people to inquire is setting yourself up for failure. If we want to be effective with social media, we have to remember to put social back into the equation.

Your goal with anything you do on social sites is to create one-to-one conversations.  When you view social sites in this manner, you’ll begin to understand how social sites, whether it’s Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or any others, are really nothing more than the telephone in a different format.

Think about how you use your time on social media sites. Are you merely posting content or are you looking to engage people?

Check out the full interview between Jack Kosakowski and myself:

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Also, if you haven’t picked up my new book High-Profit Prospecting, I suggest you do so. You can find it at this link.

High Profit Prospecting

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