Recently I attended a conference with a few hundred social media experts, and one item that came through loud and clear is a key reason to be using social media such as Twitter is to help you in with Google rankings.

Google treats each tweet as an individual page, this means each time you tweet you’re increasing the amount of content you have on the web thus increasing your value with Google. Of course, this assumes what you’re tweeting about is of value.

The other key area where social media helps you is with new customers, but in a manner you may not have thought of before. Prospective customers use the web to help them determine what to buy. They also use the web to determine who to buy from, and many times, a prospective customer who is buying a service will Google the salesperson’s name to see what comes up. What the customer is looking for is confidence. They want to be sure they’re not dealing with a person who has a questionable past. They’re looking for that final vote of confidence, and the amount of quality links associated with your name and your company will help you secure that new customer you didn’t even know about.

Use social media as a sales development tool that allows you to develop a reputation and a virtual presence that is at work for you 24/7.

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