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Ready for a few quick silver bullet tips to ensure you’re successful when you have to negotiate?

I recently did a 40-minute webinar for Salesforce, and you can access that webinar at this link: High-Profit Negotiating: Tips for Success.  

Below are a couple of the things I shared.

First, the level of confidence you have going into a negotiation is going to determine your level of success coming out of a negotiation.  How can we expect to be successful if we ourselves don’t believe we’re successful?

The outcome of a negotiation is determined even before it begins based on what I refer to as the silver bullets of negotiating.  The silver bullets are:

      • Uncovering 3 needs or desired benefits the customer has
      • Knowing the customer’s timeline for making a decision
      • Understanding the customer’s value of money
      • Ensuring you’re negotiating with the decision maker

Before anyone starts any negotiation, they must have the answers to the 4 silver bullets.  Having answers doesn’t guarantee a perfect outcome, but it will increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

All of this is built around the most fundamental belief I have with regard to negotiation.

You must sell first and negotiate second.

The biggest mistake people make is they rush into negotiating without having a clue as to what they’re doing. Yet for some reason, they think somehow they will still emerge successful.

Selling first and negotiating second is all about having the oppotuntity to get answers to the four silver bullets.

You’re only going to get answers to these questions during the selling phase.  Think about it — if you knew you were negotiating with a salesperson, would you be inclined to hedge your comments?  Sure you would. It’s only natural.  This is why the selling phase is so important.

There are a number of other negotiating tips and ideas you can gain from taking a few minutes and viewing the webinar at  High-Profit Negotiating: Tips for Success.

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