Go ahead and sell naked some time.

You’ll be surprised at what you can make happen when you’re naked.  You’ll shock your customers, especially those who are used to dealing with a lot of salespeople.

Oh, when I say “naked,” what I mean is going into a customer call with zero sales materials.  Excuse me, but were you thinking something else?

I like selling naked for two reasons.

First, it requires the salesperson to really know their stuff.  Second, it allows the sales call to be more free flowing, and as a result, it increases the opportunity for other ideas to materialize.

Salespeople rely far too much on sales materials, and as a result they become a crutch, allowing the salesperson to not be as prepared as the should be for a sales call.

When we go into a sales call with sales materials, it is amazing how quickly the sales materials wind up driving the sales call.

When this happens, the discussion becomes much more focused at the surface level, and far too often the great ideas that are just below the surface. They never see the light of day.

Going into a sales presentation without sales materials forces the salesperson to be more prepared, and because they don’t have the standard marketing blather to read, they’re forced to ask questions.

Wow!  What a brilliant idea — asking the customer questions!

If we want to sell, don’t we have to know what it is the customer is looking for? The only way to know that is by asking them questions.

Bigger yet is when the sales call becomes a discussion between two people, it’s amazing what can and will come up.

If you’re happy merely being a carrier of marketing materials, go ahead.

If on the other hand you want to move your business to the next level, start selling naked!

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