Sales training is an on-going process regardless of your level of experience.  Ram Charan, noted business consultant, has released his latest book:  What the Customer Wants You to Know.  As a sales training tool, I highly recommend you add it to your sales library.

Ram Charan is known for bringing clarity to concepts that can be overwhelming and complicated.  His previous books have dealt with business processes and leading a business.  What the Customer Wants You to Know is geared for salespeople and it has as much application if you’re selling in a B to B environment as in a B to C environment. A couple of his key points include “VCS” =  Value Creation Selling and the role information plays in it. Ram also takes the time to explain the importance of understanding the customer’s customer and how the failure of understanding this concept undermines the ability to close a sale.As a sales training tool this book is a fast read at 150 pages.  Due to its small size it makes a perfect sales training tool to take along on your next flight.

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