Be sure to show your confidence by maintaining eye contact when you tell your customer your price.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many sophisticated professional buyers, and it’s amazing what they tell me.  They are very quick to share various techniques they use to determine how confident a salesperson is and, more importantly, to find ways to break them down to get a better deal.

Over-riding nearly everything else is eye contact.  If a salesperson can’t deliver solid eye contact when communicating their price, then it only means one thing — the salesperson doesn’t believe in the integrity of the offering.   Any good buyer is going to pick up on that and immediately start pushing for a price reduction. They will make their demand on a price reduction hard and fast, because at that very moment, the salesperson is showing a sign of weakness.

Before you deliver any price to your customer, it is absolutely essential you can communicate it with confidence. This confidence starts with eye contact that does not waver.  If you have any doubts, take the time to literally practice by standing in front of a mirror and recite out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror.  If you think it is cheesy, that’s fine with me. But I will tell you this — it works!  It will help you deliver your price with more confidence.

Two additional things: State your price using a solid voice, slightly lower in pitch than normal and while facing the customer straight on.   Using a slightly lower pitch communicates confidence in the same way facing your customer straight on shows the customer you’re not afraid of anything.

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