One of the most tedious tasks of any buyer in the purchasing department is the paperwork, whether it be physical paper or the time required getting information into their computer system.  So what are you doing to help them with this?

Take the time to ask your buyer and their assistants how you can help. Find out the timeline they have to have their information in by.  Knowing how to help them and when to help them can open up significant doors for you by being able to assist them.

This is especially critical during vacation periods or other times when the office may not be fully staffed.  Additionally, with many companies having made cuts in personnel, it can mean the buyer with whom you are working no longer has the assistance from others.  Step in and help them out. Be the person they can count on and you’ll be amazed at how they will respect and thank you for your help.  It will be a boost to your sales motivation too.

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