When you meet with a customer, make sure your body language is saying the same thing as your words.

I imagine you have heard this advice (or some version of it) at some point in your career.  Ironically, even though many people hear this advice, several don’t heed it.  I never cease to be amazed at the number of salespeople I meet who are sending mixed messages.  Plain and simple, their spoken words contradict their body language.

It is extremely important to pay close attention to this because the negative impact of an inconsistent message is huge!  Customers and clients will believe your body language over your words.  So, if you are speaking positively about the benefits of your product or service, but your facial expressions and general demeanor communicate that you are indifferent, your clients will trust your body language over your words.

One of the best ways to test how you are doing on this is to take another salesperson or your sales manager with you when you go on a call.  Ask your colleague in advance to evaluate you in this regard and then give you honest feedback after you have left the meeting with the client.  The key is to actually listen and make changes accordingly.  Don’t get defensive, but see this as a prime opportunity to learn.   We often are not aware of our mannerisms until someone we respect helps raise our awareness — and we make changes for the better!

So, even though you maybe have heard the advice a thousand times before, be sure that your words match your body language.  Inconsistency in this area will kill your sales motivation… and your sales.

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