When you see your product as a service, you will be more likely to see the benefits that your customer really wants.

Today’s economy is taking a beating on people and that’s too bad. I see it knocking down people’s level of sales motivation and negatively impacting how they deal with things. A key reason for this is customers are hammering salespeople on price and trying to convince salespeople that what they’re offering is no different than what anyone else is offering.

I want to scream at this as it makes me sick. The only thing that is happening is the salesperson is allowing the customer to shape their sales motivation. It doesn’t matter what you sell, it doesn’t matter how much a customer may say what you sell is just like what the other person is selling, because it’s not! What you sell is not like what the other person is selling because you’re you, and they’re not.

You have to look at what you’re selling as a service made up of you first and everything else that you and your company do behind the scenes to make the customer confident in wanting to buy from you. How can you put a price on your intellectual capacity? How can you put a price on your personality? How can you put a price on skills you bring to your customers each and every day? You can’t! What you’re selling is 100% service and it’s this level of service that provides your customer with the confidence they need. That’s what they’re buying — it’s not a product, it’s really confidence.

When you as the salesperson view yourself as the one to whom the customer is looking for the expertise they need to help them feel confident to buy, then you’re in the zone. It’s at this point you now realize that what you sell is not a product, but it’s a service. And it’s at this point you’ll find yourself connecting at a deeper level with your customer and ultimately being able to achieve the level of earnings you expect.

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