You are your own brand, with your own equity. What are you doing to build and promote it?

One of the first things any salesperson learns when they start their sales career is the first thing they sell is themselves. It’s impossible to emphasize this too much, because it drives so much of the sales process including your sales motivation. I’m not advocating to be arrogant about ourselves. What I’m saying, though, is to pay close attention to the image we present. By this I mean the real image, not some fake personality you put on a few hours each day.

It’s only when you present yourself as you truly are that you will begin to really see what your “personal brand equity” is all about. Your “personal brand equity” consists of not just your personality, but also your knowledge, your skills, your attitude, and your overall demeanor. People who have a high “personal brand equity” are those who will day in and day out achieve a higher level of success. In doing so, they self-feed their sales motivation.

Two recommendations I would make include: first, spend time each day learning more about your industry and your profession, and second, spend time each day associating with other positive people who have a high “personal brand equity” and high level of sales motivation. You will naturally learn from them ideas you can apply in your own life.

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