Offer more service to support a price point rather than discounting your price.

Discounting your price is not a solution to dealing with buyer resistance. The only thing you’re doing is lowering your standards and the quality your customer is going to derive from buying from you. I’m a firm believer in pricing driving quality.

When your customer resists, you first have to realize they’re resisting only because the price does not equal the value they expect to receive. Your job is to change their level of perception. You do this by listening to the customer and allowing them to share with you what they want. The key is to not allow them to share with you what they’re expecting in terms of physical features. Instead, your objective is to get them to describe to you in terms of the benefits they desire or the pain they’re hoping to avoid.

By keeping the customer talking about the benefits, you will help them see that what you’re providing is the right solution. Price becomes irrelevant. Take the time to develop a list of questions you can ask your customers and prospects that will get them talking about the benefits of what you offer. By having this list of questions developed beforehand, you will be better equipped to deal with the pricing issue when it comes up. Discounting your price is not a solution. Getting your customer to focus on benefits is!

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