Sales Training Tip #305: How Valuable are You?

You are always more valuable than your price.

I am not writing this to make anyone feel they are not worth what they think they are worth. And, or course, my reason isn’t that I think your employer should cut your pay. On the contrary, this comment is all about getting you to see the upside.

In every sale, your sales motivation must be geared toward thinking about how you can get more, whether it be more money, more volume or more of anything else that translates into more profit. Your challenge is in getting the customer to embrace the full value of what you provide. I’m a firm believer that profit for the salesperson creates value for the customer. If you don’t believe this, then there’s no way your level of sales motivation will ever be sufficient enough to allow you to earn all that you believe you can and should be earning.

Today’s economy is weird, no doubt about it. I believe, though, it is creating a level of opportunity for the salesperson who has a level of sales motivation that allows them to both think and act confidently. You’re worth more. You know you are, so go out and start acting that way.

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