Sales motivation is the oil that keeps your sales engine running smooth. When was the last time you checked it, let alone changed it?

No matter how strong anybody may say they are in sales, it is absolutely imperative for everyone to regularly change their oil. Over the course of time, we allow negative thoughts, ideas and material to enter our mind and chip away at our sales success.

It might be something as small as spending too much time with a friend who is negative. It could be something as big as reflecting back on a significant sales opportunity that you lost. The negative thoughts and influences are out there. Your objective is to eliminate them from your mind. In their place, you have to place the experiences, comments and insights of positive people. This will require you to be positive, which will put into action a very simple principle: positive people attract other positive people.

If you want to be with positive-minded people, you have to be positive minded. And if you want to keep your sales engine running smooth, you have to regularly change your sales motivation. Get rid of the negative and replace it with the positive.

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