You are always more valuable than your price. Customers will pay a premium for confidence and “risk-minimization.”

The most fatal mistake any salesperson can make is not being able to state their price with absolute confidence and in a firm tone of voice. Nothing will cut your top-line and your bottom-line faster than weakly stating your price. If the customer rejects your price, you always have the opportunity to come back and ask them a question to get them focused one of the key benefits they’re looking for, but if you don’t firmly communicate the price from the start, you’ll find yourself always accepting less. This is a key reason why I say all salespeople must confidently enter into every sales call. If you don’t have it at the start, you won’t have it for the closing.

If you’re looking for a quick way to improve your confidence level, try this. Every morning before you leave home, state your price point out loud while looking at yourself in a mirror. If you normally sell over the phone, then hold a phone when you do it. Make sure you don’t have any of your old price sheets laying around that could potentially get your attention. Focus on your FULL price. No exceptions!

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