“Opportunities are seen by many, understood by few, and capitalized upon by even fewer.”  – Mark Hunter

It’s amazing how intellectual capacity drives opportunities.  Far too many insights are never capitalized on because we fail to use our own intellectual capacity or access the insights of others to determine how to leverage an opportunity.  I recently read where Bill Gates and Warren Buffett recently took a trip to Alberta, Canada, to better understand how the people there are extracting oil using new technologies.   They made this trip because they were curious and were driven by the fact that they knew it would expand their intellectual capacity.  Sales is all about using your intellectual capacity to help people see opportunities.  The salespeople who are at the top of their game year in and year out are the ones who know how to leverage their intellectual skills.   Take the time to develop your intellect by digging into books, articles, newspapers, and engaging in conversations with others that will stimulate your mind and cause you to grow intellectually.  In the long-term, your success is not driven by what you sell, who you work for, and certainly not by the price you sell it for.  Long-term success is driven by your intellectual capacity and your ability to leverage it to see opportunities.

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