Economists always say new markets create the greatest profit opportunities.  In a soft economy, many new ones are created as companies rework how they go to market.  Seize the opportunity of a soft economy to open new markets that will allow you to maximize your profits.

From a Macroeconomics perspective, soft economies are merely a very efficient way to make business more effective.  The softness exposes inefficiencies and gets people and companies looking at new ways of doing business.  Don’t allow yourself to get swallowed up in negative thinking.  Rather, spend time each week exploring new avenues that are arising. 

One way of looking at a slow economy is it’s like walking along a rocky beach at low-tide.  Although the water has receded, it’s been replaced by a host of new things to look at and explore.  As soon as the tide comes in, they disappear or, I should say, they merely fall below the surface.  In the same way, a strong economy covers up many opportunities which can be very profitable, but are underdeveloped because of our busyness.

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