“The best presentation ever made is the presentation never given.” I came up with this quote a number of years ago and I believe in it more than ever for one simple reason: customers have all heard way too many boring sales presentations. In fact, you as a salesperson have probably sat through too many boring sales presentations yourself. You may even admit that you occassionally give pretty boring sales presentations.

Here’s the deal: Your presentation must come across more like a discussion than a presentation. You have to make the customer feel part of the presentation, and there’s no way to do this if there is not two-way dialogue. This does not mean you no longer take the time to develop a sales presentation; rather it means just the opposite. You have to take even more time. The reason is because you have to know your material inside and out. You have to be so comfortable that you can deliver your presentation more as a discussion, allowing it to go in whatever direction the customer wants it to go.

Delivering a presentation this way will not only increase your level of success with immediate sales, but also allow you to learn a lot more from the customer by listening. Ultimately, this will help you with additional long-term sales. Think of your next sales presentation more as a discussion and less of a presentation.

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