It’s Sales Motivation Friday, and today’s post is about one of the best opportunities to prospect!

Next time you get off a phone call with a customer that has gone really well or you come out of a customer meeting where you just closed a big sale, don’t waste it by celebrating by congratulating yourself.

Yes, you should be happy with what you’ve just done, but channel that enthusiasm you have into calling some prospects.

By contacting prospects right after you’ve had another customer meeting go well, you’ll be able to channel that enthusiasm toward your prospects.   Your energy and positive perspective will come through in your voice.  You’ll be in a perfect position mentally to be able to answer any question the prospect may have, and you’ll be far more enthused to ask them great questions.

When you’re able to take the success of one sale and turn it into another one, you’re truly maximizing the return on investment from sales motivation.  I’ve had the privilege to watch hundreds of salespeople do this over the years and I too have done it. The results are amazing.

Will every prospect you call suddenly turn into your next big customer?  Not necessarily. BUT you definitely will increase your closing average if you engrain this technique into your selling routine.

By the way, with regard to celebrating, there is at time for that as well. Celebrate your big successes after the day is done.  Devote your valuable work day to working with customers and to prospecting!  Your sales motivation is worth it!

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