Sales Motivation Video: Who Are You Learning From?


Are you learning as much as you can? It’s easier than you think when we take advantage of learning from others we meet.

I talk a lot about how sales is leadership and leadership is sales, and the way we live that out is by always learning and always sharing.

We can spend our time trying to determine the correct solution to our problems or we can merely reach out to those who have gone before us with similar problems.  We need to be far more aggressive in leveraging our network to learn from and to share with.

At the same time, we need to be far more aggressive in learning from everyone we come in contact with, whomever it might be.

Each day I challenge myself to learn something new and each day I challenge to apply what I’ve learned. A few weeks ago, I was looking to make a decision regarding some software I needed. I could have spent hours researching, but instead I reached out to a few others who I knew might have an opinion.  In 20 minutes I had my answer by talking with others and it saved me minimally 5 hours of time.

Were those I talked with upset for me reaching out to them? No, they were happy to share, and at the same time, I was able to share with them other insights. In the end, all of us came away more knowledgeable.

Who will you learn from today? Who will learn from you?

Check out the video to see what I mean:


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1 thought on “Sales Motivation Video: Who Are You Learning From?”

  1. I agree with you, Mark. Trying to learn a little each day – be it about your industry or job or merely just general knowledge – can sharpen the mind and character. But I also like how you asked in the end on who will learn from me/us as we all aim to become someone that could enlighten others. And to answer your title on who am I learning from? Why, you, Mark Hunter!

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