If you’re not using a Bluetooth or other hands-free wireless device with your cell phone, you are either a very unsuccessful salesperson or soon to be very unsuccessful.

Using your phone is essential in sales, and the greatest productivity tool a salesperson can have is their phone.  I make all of my cell phone calls using my Bluetooth, regardless if I’m in my car or in my office.  The reason is simple — it’s more convenient, I can take notes better and it allows me to talk with my hands.   The one exception is when I’m leaving a message.  I never leave a message using a Bluetooth.

For messages, I want to speak directly into the cell phone.  I want the message to be as clear as possible.  As much as I like my Bluetooth device and I have complete faith in it, I know all messages can and will get slightly distorted on any voice mail system.  For some companies the distortion can be significant. The problem is I don’t know this in advance, so the best way I avoid this problem is to not use the Bluetooth when leaving a message.

In your commitment to stay well connected with your customers, be sure to use technology to its fullest.

Copyright 2010, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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