What’s your level of sales motivation?  It’s hard to keep it high when you allow yourself to be influenced by those who will quietly pull it down a deep hole.


Your level of motivation is directly related to what you’re watching on television, reading on the internet, and listening to on your radio or iPod.  Be careful what you allow yourself to focus on.  To begin, don’t waste your time listening to AM talk radio.  The vast majority of this stuff is raving and ranting about everything that’s wrong.  How can you not get down listening to this stuff?  Second, what are you watching on television or the internet?  Again, If you’re viewing or reading negative news stories, you’ll soon find that you are feeling sorry for yourself.  Finally, what music are you listening to?  Many of the songs you may be listening to have words and phrases which are negative in nature.  


There’s nothing more important than your attitude.  Protect it!  Don’t allow anything negative to come in contact with your attitude.  The level of sales success you achieve is as much a factor of your motivation and attitude as it is about what you’re selling or who you’re selling to.  So, take the high road! 

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