I rarely hear anyone struggling with their level of customer service motivation. Instead, people are always questioning their sales motivation. Customer service comes more natural. It is an easier part of the job. Certainly, we could get into a huge discussion about what is great customer service, but my point is that too many salespeople spend their time providing customer service when they really need to be selling.

The problem is their low level of sales motivation and sheer lack of drive to actually sell. Success does not come to those who spend their time merely providing great customer service, especially in today’s economy. It’s essential to get out there and actually sell. This means creating a sales pipeline, creating prospects, and talking to people with whom you probably don’t already have a relationship.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be blogging about this quite a bit. I am a strong believer that “sales motivation” is more important than simply providing customer service. There is no substitute for getting out there and actually selling. Stay tuned!

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