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Each Monday I will be dedicating my blog to providing you with a quick tip or idea to help you with your sales motivation.

The Sales Motivation Monday blog will provide you with another tool to go along with the Monday Morning Sales Video I release each Monday.   We’ve received so much positive feedback from the Monday Sales Video that we decided to make it be part of the blog.

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The best thing of all is the video and the blog are going to cover different items with regard to sales motivation, so you’ll want to make sure you check out both each Monday.

Let me share with you a few sales motivation quotes I’ve written over the years to give you a sense as to what I’ll be writing about every Monday.   Each Monday I’ll share with you a quick piece to help you get your week off to a fast start.

Your two greatest assets are your integrity and your time

Sales is a great profession. What other occupation allows you to help others succeed?

Every day we impact others. What is the impact we’re leaving on others?

Sales is leadership and leadership is sales.

Skip the sales presentation. Have a sales discussion instead.

The greatest privilege we have is in helping people see the advantages of what we sell.

Sales is a contact sport. You have to make contact if you want to sell.

“No” is not permanent.

The level of profit you make on a sale will reflect the level of confidence you had going into the call.

Our level of success will never be greater than our customer’s level of success.

Selling is about helping our customers achieve something they did not think was possible.

Sales is having the desire to succeed and the passion to serve.

Others can’t define me. Only “me” can define “me.”

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