A huge positive of the internet is that it has made physical distance less relevant in networking with other people.  Sure, that’s obvious.  But too often we simply look at this from the angle of “what’s in it for me” — we simply want to broaden our possibility to increase our sales.  Equally important, though, is our ability to positively impact others, regardless of whether we make a sale.

I have been thinking about this quite a bit because next month, I will speak at a World Sales Forum in Bogota, Colombia. This speaking engagement came up on a whim, but I am optimistically looking forward to it. Why? I am anxious to share information with an entire group of people I have never met.  And I am excited to add to my own knowledge base the information other speakers and attendees will impart.  Shared knowledge. There is power in that, regardless of whether sales materialize from it.

On another note, I have had a relationship for awhile now with CEO Online, an organization based out of Australia.  They are consistently providing tremendous information to business people around the world.  Recently, they allowed me to do a paper on improving your Listening and Questioning Skills.  They are offering this free to you, so go ahead and download the PDF below.

Mark Hunter Listening Module February 2011

I encourage you to start looking through a global lens — not only to network with people who could help your bottom line, but also (and more importantly) so you can find new  ways to share valuable information with others.  Your sales motivation will increase exponentially the more you authentically connect with people outside of your regular sphere of influence.

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