I often get asked what role sales motivation plays in selling. The argument is if a salesperson is selling something people want at a price they’re willing to pay, then having a salesperson with a high level of sales motivation is not necessary.

If you’re looking for me to tear this argument apart, I won’t. I agree with it.  Before you jump to conclusions, let me add the other half.  If you’re selling something people want at a price they’re willing to pay, then there is no reason for the salesperson to be involved. I call this buying something from a vending machine or on the web or even on the phone.  I’ll also state loud and clear that if you are selling this way, then you’re not maximizing your sales volume and you’re coming nowhere close to maximizing your sales profit.  When I point this out, do you see that “sales motivation” starts to look a bit more appealing?

The role of the salesperson is not to gain those sales that simply “fall into your lap.” Rather, the role of the salesperson is to capture those sales that are more difficult to get. These are the sales that come from customers who you have to educate. They are the sales from the customers who don’t even know they need what you’re offering. And they’re from the customers who have a pain or a need, but are confused about what to do.

These are the potential sales where the salesperson is needed. Unless the salesperson has a high degree of sales motivation, there is no way they will ever be able to secure these incremental sales. More importantly, the salesperson will be securing the incremental profit that comes from the additional sales.

Obviously, you can see why I am a big proponent of sales motivation. Where this thrives best is within a company culture conducive to the entire sales team maximizing sales motivation.  It is also for this very reason that I firmly believe there is a very high return on investment for each dollar spent on motivating the sales force — as long as it is done in a manner that is congruent with the culture of the company. 

So you tell me….  Sales Motivation — Is it fact or is it fiction?

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