I have a rather interesting observation: Web traffic on intellectual sites increases on weekends and holidays.  Now it’s not that I have facts to back me up. It’s just my observations based on my own website and traffic I see on discussion boards/blogs.

This is telling me one thing: People are seeking out knowledge but have to do such searching on the weekend when they have more time.  This has got me thinking about the need to take a very specific amount of time each weekend to merely prowl the web and dig into emails, websites, etc. that don’t need your pressing attention during the week.  In fact, this is actually a real strong point of helping manage time and ensuring it gets used properly.  Dedicate 30 minutes each weekend (or another day off you have each week) to focusing on this type of information.  Here are some tips to help:

Throughout the week, move any emails  you want to read on your day off to a specific folder.  That way, they aren’t cluttering up your in-box, vying for your attention when you know you are going to read them on Saturday. Being committed to this can and will help you from running down what I call “rabbit trails,” where you think you’re going to spend only two minutes reading  something, but before you know it, you’ve spent 20 minutes.

You can also do this with websites or blogs that you want to read.  Bookmark them into a specific folder in your Favorites that you can access during your 30-minute “growth time.”

Keep your selling time focused on the highest activity possible and that means you’re spending your time dealing with customers and prospects.  Put this into practice and you’ll find yourself more focused, resulting in more selling time. In so doing, your sales motivation and your sales will increase.

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