How often are you reaching out to your customers and/or prospects? I suggest you set a goal for the number of customers/prospects you will reach out to each day. These “touches” may be in-person or may be over the phone, but you have to be very serious about achieving this number each day.

Your goal with reaching out is to learn more information that will help you better understand their pains. Create 10 truly great questions that get them talking. You will likely start to see how the benefits of your product or service can help alleviate their pains, thus giving them a reason to start doing business with you or to do more business with you.

Why is it so important to reach out regularly to your customers? You will be honing your selling process. I encourage you to establish a process that allows you to communicate your continuity and competence to the customer. I call this the “C+C.” This then allows the customer to have confidence in you. Because here’s the deal — customers will only do business with people they have confidence in.

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