We’re now two weeks into the new year.  How are you doing on your sales quota?  One of the best things you can do early in the year is to start laying the groundwork with new, large prospects.  Take the time to begin going after the “big game.”  With 50 weeks left in the year, you will have time to close the sale and/or move onto other prospects.  Don’t wait until midway through the year to start going after “big game.”  It’s actually too late if your sales cycles is longer than six months.   This week, identify 5 “big game” propsects and start laying the groundwork with them.  Keep in mind, however, that it would be a mistake to let go of everything else in your pipeline.  The 5 new prospects must be incremental. 

It’s your year.  It’s your quota!  Expect the Best in 2008!

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