The last several weeks there have been numerous articles about how the economy appears to be turning and things are going to get good. The problem is the road to economic recovery is going to be full of ups and downs and it’s going to be very easy to be swayed by the media. When the economy was trending down, I was a strong advocate for ignoring the news and not letting it impact your level of sales motivation. I’m back now saying the same thing. Ignore the media and instead make your own news.

It’s up to you to believe the economy is doing whatever you want it to do. I for one believe that when it comes to selling, I’m always going to take the high-road and believe the best. In doing so, I’m not going to pay attention to the hype regardless of the direction it’s pointing. You might say I’m creating my own compass. Are you creating your own compass? When we create our own compass, we are in the best position to lead customers. That is the mark of sales motivation — the ability to lead your customers and to be seen in your industry as a sales leader.

So choose carefully which “voices” bend your ear. Whether the media is spouting good news or bad news, ultimately your sales motivation is guided by you.

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