Quit trying to lead your numbers. They are not going to lead back!

In sales, it can be all about the numbers and there’s nothing wrong with being concerned about the numbers.  However, too many sales managers spend all of their time dealing with the numbers, leaving zero time to spend with their people.

In my work with sales managers, I see a wide range of skill sets and competencies. One thing I’ve seen time and time again is how the top-performing sales leaders are focused on their people first and their numbers second.

Low performing sales managers are far more often fixated on the numbers and, in some situations, I’ve noticed that they don’t have a clue about their people.

If we spend our time leading our people — supporting and developing them to be the salespeople they’re capable of being — then doesn’t it make sense they will deliver the numbers we need?  Sure it does!

If that’s the case, then spending time with the numbers becomes a secondary activity.

I’m not saying to ignore the numbers, but what I’m saying is we need to realize how quickly we can spend time working on the numbers at the expense of having little time to work with our people.

How is your day, week, month structured?  Are their pockets of time that are spent reviewing numbers all for the sake of little benefit?  Could you take that time and “invest” in your people?   The time you spend with your people is going to have a payout.

Lead your people.

Stop leading your numbers. The only thing you’re doing is creating more work for yourself.   I’m being a little bit blunt about this for a reason. I want to get you off your computer and out of your office and out working with your people.

The person you develop today may just be the one who delivers next quarter’s numbers for you!

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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