Nearly every week, I’m somewhere speaking to an audience of salespeople and leaders.  People are always interested in my background and how I wound up doing what I’m doing.

They’re also quick to say how it is obvious I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I’m having fun.  The question that comes next always surprises me. People ask, “Is this a hobby for you?” Excuse me, did you say hobby?!

Yes, I enjoy immensely the opportunity I have to speak to groups and help salespeople up their game.  I get pumped when I see people light up with a plan as to how they’re going to take what I share and use it in their jobs.  Indeed, to me it’s fun, but no, it’s not a hobby.

It’s a serious vocation and I take it with extreme respect. It’s certainly not a hobby.

The reason people feel it’s a hobby is because I’m having fun. The passion I share comes across quickly, but now let’s look at it from your perspective. Are you having fun doing what you do?

Don’t laugh. I’m serious and let’s not forget 90% of what I do is mundane, routine things, but I know they’re key to allow me to do what I do.  I suspect much of what you do is mundane, but that doesn’t preclude you from having fun.

When we’re having fun, it shows and I think it raises our ability to connect with others and ultimately to make a bigger impact.   The sole reason I do what I do is because my mission it to positively impact as many people as possible to help them achieve a higher level of success.

For me, my goal lights me up. It gets me excited.  What’s your goal?  Is it focused on helping people?  Is it focused on sharing what you do and what you know in a manner that helps others?

If you focused on your goal, and your goal is built around others, then how can you not have fun making it happen?   Your objective and my objective is to make this the year we have more fun positively impacting more people.  When we’re doing that, others will feel we’re having fun and that is just fine with me!

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