Do you agree or disagree with the title of this post? If you agree, it is probably because you see sales not as just a job but as a lifestyle. If, on the other hand, you disagree with the title or you have issues with it, it is probably because you view sales as taking advantage of others.

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To me, sales is about making a significant impact on others. Your focus with each person you meet is to influence and impact them in a positive manner, and when you do, you are making a significant impact on them.

When you spend your time significantly impacting others, then sales is much more than a job, it truly is a lifestyle you live 24/7. When you view sales as a lifestyle, it is amazing the number of opportunities you will have. There are some who say great salespeople are just lucky because things have fallen in their lap. I say that’s not the case. I say they’re lucky because they’re living sales as a lifestyle, and as a result they see more opportunities.

I am going to challenge you to make the following item #1 on your goal list: ‘Be a person who significantly impacts others.’ My belief is that when you have this as your top goal, it will increase your ability to sell, because everything you do will be centered around impacting and influencing others.

Each day, count it a privilege to be able to have as your #1 goal to significantly impact others. Of the all activities you could be doing, sales is certainly one that allows you to focus 100% of your time significantly impacting others.

Who have you made a significant impact on this past week? Who will you make a significant impact on today? Your world is waiting for you, it’s your responsibility to make an impact.

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