When you live in the world of sales, you get really wise on the type of that sales motivation works for you.

Let’s face it — the profession of sales can be exhilirating.  And depleting.   Your sales motivation is the key component to keep you focused, right?  Feed it well and it will sustain you and give you momentum.  It can be a constant when there seem to be no constants!

One site I really like is www.SalesGravy.com.  Jeb Blount just wrote a fabulous book  called “People Buy You” (which I recommend by the way).   His site is unique from several other sites in that not only does he offer a wide variety of articles and tips, he also has a ton of other resources and sales job listings. 

I encourage you to cruise through the site. He recently ran one of my articles “Close Too Quick and You Lose Profit.”  Let me know what you think of it, but more importantly, let me know what keeps you motivated.

What sites or resources do you recommend?

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