Salespeople who are discounting their price are also discounting their confidence level. Remember, anytime you discount your price, you’re telling yourself that your normal price is not right and, as a result, you put a chink in your level of confidence. I firmly believe that just because some people believe your price is too high, it doesn’t mean it is. In fact, if people are not pushing back on your price, then it’s too low. When people push back on price, they’re either challenging the price/value relationship or merely doing what they believe they should be doing. This is when your price point, matched with the level of confidence you exhibit, will determine if the customer sees you as offering a price/value relationship.

To practice conveying confidence, try reciting your price to yourself 20 times every morning before you start selling with the exact body language and tone of voice you use when you’re closing a sale. The only exception is that your practice should always be done while standing up. This will help you be more comfortable and confident. If you think this is crazy, remember Tiger Woods never starts the final round of a major championship without first taking time to practice.

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