Sales is really all about closing deals.  Anytime “business things” get tough, people and companies become more cautious in their buying process.  This usually means that buying decisions which were often being made by people lower down in an organization are now being made by those at the top.  To help deal with this issue, consider the following.  First, make sure your cold-calls and prospecting calls are made to people further up the in the organization than you would have contacted previously.  It’s important for you personally take the message to the top when you can.  Second, when you are talking to someone at the same level you had been talking to earlier, provide them with a message they can take up in the organization and do it in a manner that will help them look good.  However, don’t allow this to drive your sales process.  I suggest this because although you may be currently cutting them out of the buying process, at a later point in time, these people may once again be the ones driving it.

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