Your success in prospecting is not going to be based solely on the app or hack you buy or download and spend too many hours learning how to use.

Your success is going to be based on the conversations you have with prospects.  It’s time to quit thinking one more tool is going to bring you success. You must own your prospecting process. You can’t allow your CRM system or any other tool to own it for you.

I’m not saying not to use tools. Hey, I use various tools all the time. What I’m saying is it’s time to quit thinking they’re the answer.  It’s no different than thinking your presentation is going to live or die based on your PowerPoint deck.

Take control. You’re the one responsible. In the end, your apps don’t have a family to feed, a car payment to make, etc.  No, they don’t, but you do!  A few years back I invested heavy into a software system that I thought was going to revolutionize how I would prospect and sell.  Four years later and my sales process is not much different. For all the expectations I was led to believe, things didn’t change.

It’s time to quit putting hope into anything other than ourselves. We are the ones who create our destiny and our level of success.  I know from my own experience and the history of the many clients with whom I have worked, success comes down to the number and quality of conversations that occur with prospects and customers.

As we near the end of the year, it’s time to fess up and be responsible. Quit blaming apps and hacks and instead embrace the truth that you’re the one in charge.  Your customers aren’t wanting to do business with your apps or hacks. They want to do business with you.



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