Prospecting for Clients: How do you deal with the prospect who is hesitant to make a decision?
First, you have to go back and ask yourself if you really know what their buying timeline is and if the person you’re talking to is qualified to buy. You then have to focus in on two areas: the customer’s pressure points and their decision drivers. Let’s look at both of these for a moment. If a customer truly has a pressure point, then they will buy. But often what happens is that our questions aren’t tough enough to enable the customer to understand the magnitude of their pressure point. Remember, the key is you can tell the customer all you want, but until the customer says it’s a pressure point, they won’t believe it. Second point, you have to know the customer’s decision drivers. Again, you have to ask yourself if you really know how they make a decision. You have to be asking questions that many times are not related to the sale you’re currently working on, but are designed to get the customer talking about other decisions they’ve made. When you get them talking about other decision they’ve made and how they made them, you can determine what their decision drivers are and how to leverage them.

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