Each day we’re faced with far more demands for our time, and all of us have to make decisions as to how to allocate it. With this in mind, do we know how to leverage time to our advantage when making a sales call? More importantly, do we know how to use time to our advantage when closing the deal? In both instances, we have to make sure the customer understands why it is important to buy right now.

Every sales call must create a need for the customer to realize how much time they will lose if they don’t buy today. This does not mean every close comes with a discount if they buy by a certain date. Rather, it means that we must seek to help them understand how they will be making better use of their time if they buy now. When the customer understands the value of time and how much their own time is worth, then they will be far more likely to make a decision right away.

Many salespeople spend too much time with people who are not driven to make a decision. In the end, they wind up making a lot of sales calls with not a lot to show for it.

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