This past week, I was in Las Vegas for a major trade show called Global Shop (You can read more about it in my Emerging Trends blog). In talking with companies who were displaying there, I ran across a wide range of comments when I asked how they were doing. In the end, the ones who captured my attention were those who said that they would have no idea how good the show was until they turn some of the leads into business. How true! The real work of a trade show is not the show itself, but what takes place after it’s over. If you do not follow up with your trade show leads within 72 hours, you’ve lost the vast majority of opportunities. It’s a shame that so many companies spend significant sums of money participating in trade shows only to have their investment fail them because of their lack of follow-up.

Learn how to avoid this pitfall by listeneing to an interview I recently recorded with author Susan Friedman for NARMS Radio. Susan has written the book on how to get the most out of trade shows. You can download the interview from iTunes (keyword: NARMS), by following the link on my homepage (www.thesaleshunter.com), or from www.NARMS.com.

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