Closing a big sale has never been easy, and when you’re trying to close one with a large company, it can be even more difficult. This past week, I shared the stage with a fellow sales professional and I highly recommend her best-selling book to you. Jill Konrath and myself had the opportunity to be part of the Ball State University Sales Symposium. Jill has authored the best-seller, Selling to Big Companies (Kaplan Press). Jump over to Amazon.com and pick up a copy! She does a great job of dispelling a number of myths held by many salespeople about dealing with large companies. Her entire book is based off of her many years of experience being part of a big company and selling to them.

Jill’s book is a great compliment to many of the same approaches I’ve been talking about for years regarding how to increase your closing ratio and, at the same time, increase the size of your average sale. Thanks to Jill for writing such a great book on a key subject!

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