Each week, I send out a sales tip to help people develop their selling skills and, in turn, I regularly receive emails back from people with their comments on how they’re using them. Below is the response I received from a reader in the DFW area. He’s done a great job of not just reading the tips, but putting them to use. Special thanks to Bob Lazenby of the Legacy Realty Group for these. Here’s just some of what Bob sent me:

“QUESTION or THOUGHT IN A PROSPECT’S MIND: What Makes You Different? In two sentences, can you explicitly define what makes you different from your competition? Great salespeople can!

RESPONSE (TWO SENTENCES): We show clients how to reduce facilities costs by as much as 20% – 30% or more! Would you like to know how we do that?

IF PROSPECT SAYS YES… “Give me a couple of times THIS WEEK or NEXT that we can MEET and I’LL SHOW YOU

AT the MEETING: Theme is… Proactive vs Reactive

Those that have TIME on their side get the BEST DEALS
· PROACTIVE approach;
· In almost all cases they meet or exceed their financial EXPECTATIONS.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies address their facility needs on a REACTIVE basis;
· They seldom meet their financial EXPECTATIONS
· Often ends up as a financial disaster. ”

Bob has sent me even more examples and I want to thank him for doing so.

A giant plug for Bob and the Legacy Realty Group in the DFW area: If you’re looking for commercial property, give Bob a call….www.LegacyRealtyGroup.com.

Thanks, Bob, and all the best to you and your entire team!!

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