Question:  “I have run into the problem of being a women in sales around men co-workers who, to me, don’t give me the time to venture out and broaden my skills, tallents, and passion in sales.  Even my boss continues to give me tasks that are of a secretary and, get this, janatorial, when in reality I was hired as a receptionest, with the future in sales.  I have had sales positions in the past and very outgoing and can strike up a conversation with anyone.  I’m very frustrated at this time because of the lack of training I am not receiving while my male counterparts are.  I am consistantly being kicked off my computer and am not able to do the tasks I have been assigned.”

Response by The Sales HunterWow, I hate to hear this type of behavior is still going on.  A simple fact males have got to come to realize, females make better salespeople for one simple reason:  females listen better!!  Males tend to view every conversation and every sales occasion like a sporting event where there are winners and losers.  

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