I’m constantly amazed at the number of times I run across salespeople who clearly don’t believe what they’re saying. It is easy to spot in the person’s face and body language. They take on a whole host of non-verbals, ranging from non-expressive smiles with tight lips to eyes that lack any sense of direction. Whether we’re selling to a customer in person or on the phone, we have to make sure our entire face reflects the enthusiasm and excitement of our words. How can we expect a person to buy from us if we’re not connected to and excited about what we’re selling?

Although it might sound strange, have you ever examined what you look like when you speak? You may be surprised at what you see. Take some time to analyze yourself in front of a mirror or through a video recording. Would you believe someone who was talking to you in the manner that you see? The things you thought were “working” might actually be hindering a sale. A little time and awkwardness in front of the mirror can make a huge impact on your bottom line.

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