The number one obstacle to prospecting is not what you think it is. 

People always think they don’t have the right leads, or don’t have the right script. That’s not the number one obstacle. The number one obstacle with prospecting really comes down to your time and your mindset. Okay, that’s two. But they go hand in hand.

I find that people are using the lack of leads, CRM system, or time as an excuse because they can’t get their head wrapped around what they need to do.

Instead of excuses, try these three things:

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1. Stop worrying, start doing.

We psych ourselves up that we can’t make these two, five or ten phone calls, whatever it might be. 

If every phone call takes perhaps three minutes and I have to make five, that’s just 15 minutes. But if you sit there and allow your mindset to go wonky on you, and spend all this time fretting, you’ll actually spend three, four times the amount of time it should take to make those calls 

That mindset impedes our time.

Break down the prospecting activity you need to do into very granular activities. The conversation might be only three minutes, four minutes, that’s it. 

2. Time block.

Set yourself up to say, I’m going to do this at an exact time

One of the things that highly motivated people do is regulate how they use their time. They time block everything. 

The mindset drives the time set, and the time set drives the mindset. Create the dedicated time, and it will get done. 

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3. It’s only a conversation. 

I’ve yet to see a headline where a salesperson making a sales call got maimed, stabbed, or lost an arm.

It’s just a phone call. And if you can’t make that, then maybe you should not be in sales. 

Instead, remember why you are in sales. Because you want to be able to help people! You want to be able to help people, and you know that you can. 

This is what drives me every day.

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