successIf you’re not failing, you’re not trying.  Too many people go through life looking to avoid failure.

Their fear of failure is so strong they refuse to step out of their comfort zone.

What’s wrong with failure?  Too many people view failure as being final. Rarely is failure ever final.

The view I like to take is failure is only a point in time.  When we look at failure as only a point in time, we see it differently.

Secondly, do you look at failure as a scar on your body or something to learn from?  I can do something correctly 10 times and learn less from it than when I do something wrong once.

It’s not the failing that is the problem; it’s the failure to learn from the failure that is the real problem.

Failure also need not be a condition that controls your mind.  From my own experience, I can share numerous situations where I have failed because I’ve been too concerned about failing.

In sales this is huge and is the biggest reason why the number one part left out of a sales presentation is the close.  An even bigger issue in my book is the problem of not asking the customer for enough.  Again, we do this out of a fear of failure.

Challenge yourself to be willing to fail.

It’s only by being willing to fail that will we find what we really are capable of doing.  The vast majority of people will claim they’re lives are too busy and yet fail to do anything about it.

Doing something about being too busy may mean they have to do some things differently, which mean they could experience a failure or two along the way.  If the person sees failure as merely a point in time, they can learn from then what is holding them back.

Approach this week willing to fail, because you’re going to be wiling to do things differently.  Your results may just surprise you.

If you succeed, congratulations! You never would have experienced that had you not tried. If you fail, congratulations! You now have something from which you can learn.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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