forward thinking salesUnfortunately, many of today’s sales leaders are stuck in the past.

I’ve seen the same patterns over and over again.

Far too often, sales managers and leaders are busy, overwhelmed, and bogged down in the day-to-day operations of a sales team.

But in order to succeed in sales, you have to plan far in advance and always be thinking about the future.

The most common mistake sales managers make is they put too much focus on the number right now. They want to be focused on making the quarter, but they also have to be focused on the upcoming quarters and year. You can never focus only on today’s number.

I recently sat down with Cara Hogan from the Ramp Podcast to talk about how sales leaders can better motivate their teams and create a sales culture that’s always thinking one step ahead.

Listen now:

In this exclusive 27 minute interview, we discuss:

  • How to improve your sales pipeline meetings
  • How to use data to improve sales coaching
  • Negotiation strategies that drive up Average Sales Price
  • …and more.

Get the sales strategies you need to drive revenue growth in the newest episode of the Million Dollar Insights podcast.





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