Motivational Sales Speakers and the Quest for Profit

Profit is not a dirty word, especially for a motivational sales speaker like myself. I’ve run into people lately who think they can solve all of their sales problems by merely cutting their price a little. I hate hearing that because although a company may pick up some business, the loss of profit can be overwhelming. Before anyone goes out and cuts a price, they first need to see if the sales force is truly motivated. I know I’m standing on my soapbox right now, but I challenge any company out there that is struggling with sales and profit to give me a call so we can talk. If you think about it, you have absolutely nothing to lose. If I’m not successful as a motivational sales speaker, you’re at the same place you were before. If I’m successful (and I do believe I will be), then you’re ahead. You’ve held both your price point and your profit margin. What have you got to lose?

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